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There are a lot of different types of photo booths for sale to help you get started in the photo booth rental business. Just a few years ago this wan't true. But, just like the market for photo booths is expanding so are the various types of photo booths available.

Traditional Sit Down Photo Booth

My advice for those who are starting out in the photo booth rental business is to focus on the two main types of booths because it is easier to rent them and that is what people are looking for. You can start making money more easily with a known market. Once yo are making money you can start to look at mirror booths and hash tag printing stations, but I do suggest starting with either a traditional curtain style booth or an open air booth that prints real photo booth strips.

You can do an experiment and ask your friends if they've seen photo booths at events and what kind they were. You will surely hear about the two booths I mentioned more than other types, and that is because that is where the market to make money renting booth is.

traditional photo booth for sale with people in it.jpgWhats behind your curtain?

The Traditional sit down, behind the curtain photo booth is still the most popular for events in my own rental business. It is what people think of when they think photo booths. It takes no explanation to guests at an event. A big box with a curtain and a bench that says Photo Booth on the side is self explanatory. Our traditional Jiffy Photo Booth is portable which, to us, means that it fits in a car but still sets up real size and fits 8 people. Our traditional Jiffy Photo Booth also can be configured to shoot as an open air booth which gives it a big advantage for someones first booth.

open air photo booth for sale big crowd.jpgopen air photo booth for sale big group.jpg

Open Air Stand Up Photo Booth

When you have your business up and running the next booth you could buy, if you just have to have a different style is a true open air booth. Open air booths are towers or boxes on stands that allow people to stand in front of a backdrop to have their pictures taken. They have the advantage of being quicker to set up and slightly more portable, but they usually lack the ability to look like a traditional booth and children are often too short to be included in the frames.

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March 3, 2017
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