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Open Air Vs Sit Down Photo Booths

What are the advantages / disadvantages of purchasing an open air vs. traditional sit down photo booth:

An Open Air photo booth is a booth without a curtain... Guests stand up in front of a background... Posing is view able by everyone at the event.

Here are some advantages of an open air style photo booth:

  • Guests get excited by seeing people pose.
  • Guests can stand up making the booth quicker than having a seat
  • Large groups feel more comfortable than in an enclosed booth
  • Open Air Booths are smaller and easier to transport
  • Open air booth set up in about 1/2 the time of a traditional portable booth
  • Open Air booths make having many backgrounds easy

Here are some advantages of a traditional style sit down booth:

  • Shy guests can feel more comfortable by not being seen while posing.
  • Traditional Photo Booths make more sense without explanation because guests have seen enclosed booths before.
  • A Jiffy Sit Down Booth can be used as both a sit down and an open air booth with just minor changes.
  • Traditional Photo Booths accommodate children and adults more easily because sitting is a great height equalizer.
  • In our experience, more people are looking for a traditional photo booth to rent.
December 2, 2016
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The Photo Booth Rental Business for Entrepreneurs


Looking For a Fun Business to Start?

Take a Look at Photo Booth Rentals:

Portable photo booth kits can be delivered to events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, fairs, birthday parties and company holiday events.  The booths are usually rented on a per hour basis for a set amount.  The guests go into the booth as many times as they want and the booth prints out a photo strip with a company logo or event logo at the bottom.

We run our own photo booth business at www.portlandphotobooth.com and we help entrepreneurs get started in this fun business all the time.  At Jiffy Photo Booth sell a photo booth kit that is a turnkey business in a box, literally.

What Makes The Photo Booth Rental Business So Exciting?

  • Everyone loves a photo booth! (so you are making people happy)
  • A low cost of entry (typically between $5,000 - $10,000)
  • High earning potential (between $100-$250 an hour)
  • Low cost of supplies (typically less than $20 an event)
  • Little expertise required (we can teach anyone how to do it)
  • Part time or Full time business opportunity (most events are on the weekend)
  • Growing Industry (we rent more and more booths year after year)
December 3, 2016
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Free DSLR Photo Booth Software for Windows


Make Your Own Photo Booth for Free:

Our Jiffy Photo Booth software is by far the most advanced free software available.

This software has many features only found in many advanced, complicated, and expensive  software.  Except, Its free and easy to use!

What Can the Software Do?

  • Use a Canon DSLR to capture 4 images
  • Add a custom made logo or text logo to the bottom of the strips
  • Print to any windows compatible printer
  • Touch screen or keyboard start button
  • Screen design customization
  • interface with the Jiffy Photo Booth social media uploading software
  • Saves a copy of all strips and individual images from the camera
  • Add a web page address to the bottom of the strips
  • Change the outline colors of the images
December 3, 2016
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Finding the Best Portable Photo Booth for Sale



Portable isn't the first thing that people think of when they think of photo booths, but it is a very important conscideration when looking for a suitable photo booth for sale.

If a Photo Booth is truly portable these are the things to look for:

  1. Can it fit in my curent car?
  2. Am I strong enough to lift the booth into my car?
  3. Can I transport the booth from the car to the venue?
  4. Can the photo booth fit in my house or garage easily?
  5. Can the photo booth be set up upstairs when no elevator is available?
  6. Does the booth come with protective cases to make it safe during travel?
  7. Do the cases have wheels for easy transport?
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