Photo Booth Business Marketing 101 (make a plan)

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So, you plan on purchasing a photo booth. Awesome news. Congratulations! Buying a photo booth to rent out at events is a fun way to make money. But how are you going to get clients to rent your photo booth?

Here at Jiffy Photo Booth we make the best portable photo booth for sale. Our booth is sure to be a hit at all of your rental events. But a Photo Booth does you no good sitting in your garage or closet. You need clients to rent your photo booth so you can make money.  We can sell you a photo booth business in a box, just add clients!

Your first step in making money renting photo booths is to buy a photo booth. This is actually easy. See this Post about what make a great photo booth for sale.  Then your second step has to be learning how to market your business so that your photo booth rental business is successful. Our goal at Jiffy Photo Booth is to sell you a great photo booth but then to help you get started with marketing ideas and goals so that you will start a sucessful business.  When you are sucessfull then we are sucessful.

Download the Photo Booth Business E-Book

We have written up the basics of the photo booth business in this Free, Getting Started in the Photo Booth Rental Business E-Book.  Because we don't only sell booths, we actually have a local rental business of our own, we can give you all the tips and tricks we use in our own business to help you be a sucess in yours.

So, What to do?  Here is the outline of what you need to do to start marketing your photo booth rental business. These steps need to be taken, and if followed will surely help your business get off to a great start.  Does it seem like a lot?  Don't let the list bother you. Starting a photo booth rental business is fun, and no more challenging than starting any other business.  In fact, following these steps can help you start almost any kind of service business. These steps won't get done overnight.  You need time. Take it slow and steady and make sure each step is done right.  I would give yourself 6 months to complete it all so you don't feel overwhelmed.  And remember Jiffy Photo Booth is here to guide and motivate you along the way.  


  • Buy a rental photo booth from a manufacturer that can help you with technical support and business tips. (Take a look at our portable photo booths for sale)
  • Get a good domain name and create an informative photo booth rental web site. (If you feel this is too complicated we can  register the name and design the web site for you)
  • Tell Your Friends. (word of mouth marketing is the best early advertising you can do)
  • Start a Google Adwords and Places Account (Google adwords gets you on Google in minutes for whatever budget you have)
  • Get a company logo and create business cards. (the logo will help brand the booth and can be used on the web site and cards. Cards can be printed yourself on your photo booth printer)
  • Do 2-3 free or reduced price photo booth rentals to get exposure. (treat every event as a marketing event. everyone who goes in your booth is a potential future client)
  • Take photos and videos at your first events. (start a You tube account and link it to your web page)
  • Start a photo booth Blog on your web site, update it weekly. (Blogs are an easy way to add content to your web site and get Google to ntice you and rank you higher)
  • Look to join local Brial Shows. (weddings are big clients for photo booths)
  • Join a local event group. (learn to Network with others in the event services industry)
  • Keep a database of all your photo booth clients. (Marketing emaisl sent to past customers can generate future business)

Easy right? Just Kidding, but it isn't oo hard.  Take it one task at a time and make a calendar.  Some things on the list such as blogging about your photo booth rental business need to be weekly 1-2 hour sessions.  Others like creating business cards only needs to be done once every few years.  Take it slow and steady and get every item accomplished in 6 months and you will be amazed at how fast your photo booth starts making you money

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