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Jiffy Photo Booth Blog

iPad Photo Booths Have Arrived (now for sale!)

iPads Have Created a New Kind of Photo Booth Rental Business.

Using an iPad in a low budget rental photo booth is now a great business strategy. We started experimenting with this style of booth in August, and now it is a major component to our rental photo booth business. We can get you started in this new market with one of our new iPad Jiffy Booths, whether it is your first rental photo booth or if you already have an established photo booth rental company.

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2 main types of photo booths for sale

There are a lot of different types of photo booths for sale to help you get started in the photo booth rental business. Just a few years ago this wan't true. But, just like the market for photo booths is expanding so are the various types of photo booths available.

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How to expand your photo booth rental business

Once you buy a photo booth, market the business and start getting rental business, how do you grow your business to maximize the money you can make? I always tell my clients who are looking for a photo booth for ale, that they should start with one booth, build that business, then the next step is to buy a second booth to really maximize their profit potential.

February 7, 2017 Read More