Create  Your Own Real Photo Booth

Jiffy Photo Booth (the easy photo booth solution)

All you need is a computer and a recent model Canon DSLR and you can use our free software to run your own photo booth.  Simply fill out the form below and you will get acess to download the software.  It is a great solution for creating a photo booth at your next party or for testing out the idea of owning an actual photo booth to use to make money renting photo booths to events.  We can help get you going, so don't be affraid to call us for help at 503-515-2880

The Software allows you to:

  • Automatically take 4 images and then print them out in photo booth strip form
  • Save all the photo booth images to your hard drive
  • Use the touch screen or button or keyboard to start the booth
  • Add custom graphics to the bottom of the strips
  • run a professional photo booth using just a computer printer and Canon DSLR camera
  • Integrate into our existing Jiffy Photo Booth Professional Photo Booth kits if you want to start making money renting booths